As the world slowly progresses into the digital age, online business and internet communication is the need of the hour. As both customers and companies use the internet to fulfil their needs and complete their tasks, a fast and smooth internet browser is a top priority for everyone. Attentive to the needs of the growing number of netizens, the Mozilla Firefox browser is here to transforms your online experience. If you want to learn how to download and install the latest browsers, you can call the Mozilla Firefox customer support number and speak to a qualified expert and clear your doubts. You can also explore this webpage to learn more about why Mozilla Firefox is ranked among the best in the business.


Important Features of Mozilla Firefox

Known across the world as one of the best internet browser currently available. Mozilla Firefox has a range of features that give users a seamless browsing experience. Here’s a quick look at some of the top features of the browser:

  • Firefox tabbed browsing allows you to access multiple pages while surfing.
  • Advanced spell checking software to improve your content writing.
  • Smart bookmarking that will help you navigate to websites easily.
  • Private browsing feature that keeps your data safe while online.
  • Efficient location-aware browsing to give you the most relevant results.
  • Customized pop-up blocking software to block unwanted websites.
  • Firefox Session Restore feature restores data from the last user session.

The features available on your browser depend very much on which version of Mozilla Firefox you are currently using. If you would like to learn more about the features available on Mozilla Firefox you can speak to an expert. You can call the Mozilla Firefox customer service number and ask for additional help so that you can make the most of your internet browsing experience.

Common Issues related to Mozilla Firefox

With close to half a billion Firefox users spread across the world, it is easy to see why Mozilla is among the best internet browser providers today. However, since no software is 100% perfect, there are times when users do encounter errors and technical issues that make it difficult to run the browser. Here are some common issues you are likely to encounter while using Mozilla Firefox:

  • The browser crashes unexpectedly when opened.
  • Could not complete the Mozilla Firefox browser updates.
  • Technical issues while restoring Firefox to its default state.
  • Error code that reads “UNKNOWN_ISSUER MOZILLA_DETECTED.”
  • Firefox users have trouble playing videos or audio on a Windows PC.
  • Websites hang or fail to load after updating to Firefox 70
  • Webpage images and text appear as smeared while browsing.
  • Mozilla Firefox automatically opens in Safe Mode and gets stuck.
  • The browser opens empty or blank tabs when you click on a link.
  • Firefox is unable to download files in Windows 10 when parental controls are on.

Since most of these errors are related to basic technical issues, they can be resolved by individual users by themselves. However, if you come across an error that occurs repeatedly, it is best that you call the Mozilla Firefox Support number and ask for help. Certified experts and software technicians will be able to give you advanced solutions so that you can troubleshoot any error connected to your browser.

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Refreshing Mozilla will help you troubleshoot minor errors and improve your browsing speed. You can follow the steps below to refresh the browser:

  • Step 1: Click the Refresh Firefox button directly in the Firefox support page.
  • Step 2: Press ‘Refresh’ once again when the confirmation window opens.
  • Step 3: Wait for Firefox to close and refresh itself and then click ‘Finish.’

If you find that the browser is still giving trouble, you can call the Mozilla Firefox technical support number and ask for help to troubleshoot the problem.

It is important to regularly update your browser so that you can get the best of the latest tools and features. Here’s what you need to do to update the browser:

  • Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox and click the menu button 
  • Step 2: Press the ‘Help’ option and select ‘About Firefox.’
  • Step 3: Wait till the ‘About Mozilla Firefox’ window opens.
  • Step 4: Your browser will automatically check for updates and complete the required downloads.

Once you successfully download the update, all you need to do is to click ‘Restart to update Firefox’ and complete the process.

If there is a problem with the browser, then the most efficient way to resolve the issue is to uninstall the software. However, simply uninstalling Firefox is not enough because you also need to remove any user data, including history and bookmarks. You can refer to the instructions below to manually delete the Firefox folder and user data:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows key and open the Start Menu.
  • Step 2: Enter the following in the space: “%APPDATA%.”
  • Step 3: Tap the ‘Enter’ button to open the hidden Roaming folder.
  • Step 4: Open the Mozilla folder and delete the Firefox folder.

If you need additional assistance to delete the data you can also call the Mozilla Firefox customer service number and speak to a certified software expert.

If you want your computer to run smoothly, you need to make sure all the apps and programs are up-to-date. When you are busy with your work, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the app that needs to be updated. Mozilla Maintenance Service is an optional service that allows application updates to run in the background, without always asking you to click ‘Yes.’ You can call the Mozilla Firefox helpline number and consult an expert to learn more about how the service works and how it updates your apps. However, in case you want to authorize updates individually, you can go to the settings in the ‘General Panel’ and disable the Mozilla Maintenance Service.

Even though the master password is meant to protect your data, it can be quite a burden if you have to keep entering the password every time you open the browser. Here’s what you can do to resolve the issue:

  • Step 1: Click the menu button in Firefox and select Options.
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Privacy & Security’ and select Logins and Passwords.
  • Step 3: Remove the mark from the box that says ‘Use a master password.’
  • Step 4: Type your current password to confirm your Firefox account.
  • Step 5: Select ‘Remove’ and then press ‘OK’ in the dialog box.
  • Step 6: Reopen ‘Firefox’ and reactivate the master password by selecting the checkbox once again.

In case you are still asked to enter the password when you run the browser, it is probably best that you speak to an expert to get a more advanced solution.

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